Sunday, November 02, 2014

Warm and Cozy

My Mystery KAL is growing. I will add a picture at the end of the post. It's early afternoon so I'm hoping to get the first clue finished before posting. There is a small problem. Beth has decided to join in the KAL and is knitting a hat. I've ripped back rows for her twice now and I have to rip out another row today. She isn't meant to knit at night when she is tired. And it's really cutting into my knitting time.

A free pattern from Rowan for slippers. These are knit and then washed to felt them. They look mighty warm and cozy!
Knit these accessory cosy felted slippers, available as a free pattern to download. Designed by Sarah Hatton using one of our most popular chunky yarns Rowan Big Wool (wool), this is the basic slipper pattern and can be customised to your hearts content. Why not try adding creative embroidery or crochet trims or even pom poms, buttons or bells, the opportunities are endless!!
They can make great Christmas decorations too. It's not too soon to start thinking about decorating :)

Download the pattern...

I thought that I would get the first clue finished this afternoon. I forgot to take into account that the rows are getting longer. A lot longer. And there were some exciting football games. I would stop to watch and then remember that I was supposed to be knitting.

Five wedges are finished. I'll do a few more rows while watching Homeland in a few minutes. It's going to be hard waiting until Friday to get the next clue. I want to know where this is going :) Patience is not in my vocabulary.

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Anne, LifeLackaDaisiCal said...

Your mystery shawl is looking great - those shades are fabulous!