Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Opal Sock Yarn

More Opal sock yarn will be arriving at the end of the month. Beach Drift and Play. I love Opal. Their colours are awesome and you don't have to do any work to get a great pattern.

One ball of Opal sock yarn will make a pair of socks. Jane knits socks for my dad (size 12) and she gets them out of one ball.

There is nylon in the yarn to help them last longer. And yes, you can throw them in the washing machine and dryer. Beth does not look after her Opal socks and they look great!

The last of our chores are being done at the house. Dad pressure washed the back deck this morning. It was the perfect day. Who thought it would be this warm in November? We had the first step going upstairs refinished. The stairs are wood and the dogs love to cut the corner. That made for a very badly scratched step. Cam came today and sanded down the step. The first coat is on and he will do the second coat tomorrow. The carpet is being stretched on Thursday. Then a bit of paint and we're ready for pictures on Friday. The listing should go live on Monday.

I have learned something very important during this process. Don't keep anything that you aren't using. Donate it. It just takes up room and makes clutter. It is amazing how much 'stuff' we have accumulated in the past 7 years. That includes yarn :)

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Anonymous said...

I find it much easier to clean out craft supplies and yarn once I found good places to donate too!
Still a lot of work!!

Theresa in MI