Sunday, November 30, 2014

One of a Kind

My first holiday cup from Tim's. Love the knitting theme!!

This morning Beth and I headed to Toronto for One of a Kind. It's going to be a busy week and there was no other day to go. We scored big.
I've wanted a purse from Karen Wilson for some time. She does awesome bags in upholstery fabric. The bag is going to be shipped to me next week because Karen is going to shorten the handle on the bag and add a removable strap. The best part of the bag. Big Balls. Take a look at the closure. Fiona Ellis owns a few Karen Wilson bags and I'm always trying to steal them from her. Now I have to make sure she doesn't see mine.

I had fun buying buttons. The business card isn't with me but it's a family who has a farm in the woods and make their own buttons. I'm going to talk with her about possibly carrying them in the store.

If you go to the show, the booth is in aisle I close to the back on the right hand side.

This was bought as a Christmas present but it might stay in my possession. It is a shoe that was put in concrete and then glass mosaic pieces added.

Yesterday I talked about the Fleece Artist mitten kits. Cathy sent a picture of a pair of Soft Mitts that she just finished.
They look very warm!

I'm hurrying to get my post done. Half an hour until kick off. GO CATS GO!

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