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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all our friends in the US are having a great Thanksgiving Day. There is no turkey in my near future but I will be enjoying football today :) And knitting. Clue #3 is almost done. Just two more rows and then onto #4.

An order just came in from Lantern Moon. Great Christmas gift ideas. Cat lovers - there is a new tape measure.
 Crocheted stitch markers.

So cute. What a great stocking stuffer.

We also received yarn from Classic Elite - more colours of Fresco. I love Classic Elite Yarns but their colour palettes are huge. There is no way that we can order in 10 skeins of every colour. I would love to but there is a small space issue in the store. They came up with mixed packs of Fresco and we received 2 skeins each in many colours.

Fresco is a smooth and even 3-ply sport weight yarn. The plies are twisted together tightly enough to make a firm, springy yarn, but not so tightly that the yarn loses its lofty, soft hand. The fiber blend—wool (for warmth and strength), alpaca (for loft and sheen), and a bit of angora (to provide a soft halo)—makes a yarn that’s warm, soft, and slightly fuzzy.
Fresco is 60% wool, 30% baby alpaca and 10% angora.

There are many Classic Elite Web-Letters with patterns for Fresco. I love these mittens. You need 2 skeins - 1 of each colour.

Download the pattern...

This cowl is knit in 2 skeins of Fresco. 

2 skeins will also make this great slouch hat.

When I blogged last week about receiving an order from Namaste I forgot to add in that we now have the Harlow bag in Slate Gray.
We're home and the football game is on. I must say that I am enjoying the score of the game. I managed to finish Clue #3 just before leaving the store. One more game to go tonight so I should get a few rows done on Clue #4

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