Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy Sunday

Knit this unisex jacket the member's exclusive free pattern for November 2014. Designed by Martin Storey using Original Denim, a unique yarn that behaves like denim fabric (cotton), this jacket has an all over rib pattern, contrasting moss stitch collar and pocket detail.
Download the free pattern from Rowan's website...

Rowan Denim will be in the store in a couple of weeks.
Denim is a cotton yarn which behaves like denim fabric.  It shrinks on its first wash and the colour continues to slightly fade over time.  Denim is available in 2 traditional denim shades.
I have many, many denim sweaters and LOVE them. When you knit with Denim you knit the sweater and sleeves longer (the pattern gives you the proper knitting length) and then you wash the pieces before sewing them together. They will shrink to the proper length. Whenever your sweater needs to be washed you throw it in the washer and dryer. You don't look after a denim sweater. That is the beauty of it.

The yarn will fade with every washing but it won't come off on you when you wear it. If you don't want it to fade anymore then start washing it inside out.

Looking for other Denim patterns? There are many on the Rowan website - some are free and others are in books...

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