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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Light as air ……….. “Airius”  
This very easy crescent shaped shawl is worked in one piece, from the top down. 
The Garter Stitch shawl body consists of a single row repeat stitch pattern.  
The easy lace border is joined to the shawl body as it is worked.  
The border is written in both word and charted forms.  
Two strands of luxury yarn are held together and knitted as one throughout.  
This design can be worked by either using 2 balls of the same colour or have fun as I did and use 2 completely different colours and make your own unique colour way, it will be truly unique and beautiful!!
Pattern: Airius (available for purchase on Ravelry)
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe.

The six brand new colours of Kidsilk Haze Stripe should be arriving next week.
This shawl is colours 202 and 361.

This shawl is colour 360 and 200.

Here is the story of Airius

Just over a year ago, I won a prize that you were offering to name your new colour way for the "Color Play Mohair Wrap" - I named it "Royal Botanical Gardens".  Rather than have you ship my prize to me (a kit to make a Color Play Mohair Wrap), I choose to drive to your store and pick out which kit I would like.  I choose the Royal Botanical Gardens colour way and needless to say, I returned home with more than my prize yarn pack!!

Every Fall, my husband and I return to our boat in Virginia and then cruise to warmer waters on our SV Oneday during the winter months.  Last year, I couldn't resist taking along my prize pack of yarn to add to my ever growing on board stash (just in case I may run out of yarn!!).  One day in February, I crawled into one of the boat back room yarn storage bins and pulled out the 4 balls of Rowan Kid Silk Haze Stripe.  Instead of knitting the Color Play Mohair Wrap and since I'm never able to do what I'm supposed to do, I decided to put the yarn and myself through our paces and ended up designing and knitting the prototype for Airius.  I absolutely loved the way that 2 different shades of this yarn just magically worked together and produced such a wonderful colour effect yarn.  When completed, I sent the finished shawl off to Patty McGuire in Virginia Beach for a professional photo shoot.  The resulting photos were absolutely amazing but there was still more work to do on Airius.  So, with spread sheet in hand and because I wanted to create a pattern that used just 2 balls of this wonderful yarn without an annoying amount of leftovers, I tweaked Airius until she satisfied what I had in mind for her.  Blocking on a sailing vessel presents a major problem, so I waited until we returned to Ontario at the end of April this year to complete this final touch.  I then packed up Airius and sent it South to in Virginia Beach VA for a professional photo shoot.  
Beth and I watched Homeland from Sunday night. Oh my goodness. How are we going to wait until Sunday to find out what happens? I am really enjoying this season. Just wish it was on every night :)

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Patty McGuire said...

It's a gorgeous shawl, Linda, and I'm honored you entrusted me to photograph it for you. I love the story of how it came to be.