Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Day Before

I'm trying to get everything finished before we leave in the morning. We hope to be on the road between 10 and 11. Beth has a stop planned on the way at Webers Hamburgers.

There is a huge box of parcels going to the post office.
Printing the teacher's class notes.

It's almost 2pm and I think I'm done. That means getting to work on the Cane Bay Wrap.

It's now 4pm and guess what. No knitting yet. I keep finding things to do for Camp. I need to finish the wrap this evening!!

When I wrote my blog post about yarn bowls I totally forgot to show a picture of the best one.

It's much later now and my chores are done. I'm sitting down to knit and watch Big Brother. Then a good night's sleep. I guess I should think about packing soon. :)

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