Sunday, September 07, 2014

Cane Bay Wrap

I started the Cane Bay Wrap last night. The first of 7 repeats are finished. Extra is awesome to knit with - super soft.
A luxe mix of baby alpaca and fine Merino wool, Extra comes in generously sized hanks and a rich color palette, making it ideal for one and two skein projects. Light and lofty with a springy twist, it’s a versatile Aran weight that lends itself beautifully to a variety of knitting tensions and needle sizes.
The needles not so much. Not exactly the needles but the length of the cord. The only 6.5mm that I could find last night is 150cm (60"). I wanted to get started so I didn't look anymore. I'll be switching them out at work tomorrow.

Yarn bowls are on the way. They should be in the store a week Monday. I can't wait to see inside the boxes - I forget which bowls I ordered.

I'm writing super early while we're watching the NFL pregame shows. Things get serious soon and I will be very busy with a converter in my hand. Sunday afternoon is not the best for knitting. Then Big Brother tonight. Who will be HOH? Are we finally going to break up the alliance? And Food Truck Race. There are a couple of really strong teams and a few teams who need a lot of work. I totally forgot about Flipping the Block. The condos are auctioned off tonight.

The first set of games are finished. I was able to knit because Beth was in charge of the converter.
I'm half way through the third pattern. I might make it to the halfway point tonight.

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