Saturday, August 16, 2014

On It's Way

The latest madelinetosh shipment will be leaving Texas on Monday. Fingers crossed it will be in the storage unit on Friday and the following week we will start bringing yarn to the store. The shipment is a mix of colours that we already carry along with brand new colours (shown below)
blue nile
big sur
el greco
fluoro rose

Ravelry tip of the day

We get a lot of customers coming in looking for very specific patterns. Today's request was a cape or poncho for a toddler to wear over a fancy dress. The customer had looked on Ravelry but couldn't find much. She was searching for ladies poncho and then child's poncho and then she tried other searches but couldn't find anything. Do a general search (under patterns) for ponchos. Then it will tell you that there are _____ pages of patterns. Scroll down and on the left you can put in the size that you are looking for.
When you click on toddler it will only show patterns in the age range that you want. There were many more than she was finding. Hope this helps when you are searching.

Sorry - still no knitting to show. I've made a bit of progress but my chiropractor has ordered no knitting. I took that to mean cut down on my knitting :)


Seajaes said...

OMG I hope no knitting means only temporary???

Trina said...

Julie, any Dandelion with that Tosh shipment?!

Unknown said...

Awe sorry Julie about the no knitting. I went through that in Mar-Apr for 7 wks. :>(
Feel better soon we miss your knitting!