Monday, August 18, 2014

Knitters' Fair

I received an email from the Knitters' Fair committee yesterday with the layout for the Fair.

We're in booths 10-12 - the same spot as last year.

 There are some things to note on the layout.

-2 arenas for the vendors. One reason for this is to make sure that there aren't any issues at the door with limiting the number of people who are let in. This year everyone should get in when they arrive.
-huge speakers area
-knitter's spa
-huge seating/eating area (I've heard that the food is supposed to be much better this year)

I have also heard that there will be free Wi-Fi in the Aud as well. Great for looking up patterns on Ravelry.

This afternoon I took a bit of time for myself and had a pedicure. Happy feet make me a much better person. That is my knitting bag. I took Auburn Wave and knit a few rows. I didn't get to the extension on Itineris last night. I forgot to bring it upstairs with me and Auburn Wave was up there. I was extremely lazy and worked on Auburn Wave.

The madelinetosh order left Texas today. There is a lot of it. I will do a few yarns a day until it gets here. If you see a colour that interests you, please let me know and we will pull it before the yarn goes on the shelf.


This is Auburn Wave knit in 3 skeins of Dandelion.

-betty draper's blues
-rain water
-dirty panther
-amber trinket
-dr. zhivago sky
-magnolia leaf
-whiskey barrel
-dried rose
-neon peach
-fluoro rose
-blue nile

This is Derecho knit tosh sock.

Master Chef is starting now. So is an NFL game. Yes, it's preseason but I want to see how Johnny Football plays.

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Lois Evensen said...

I'll bet that Knitters Fair will be great fun. Like a candy shop for knitters. I really like the effects of the log cabin shawl - last image.