Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Draft Night

Tonight is the draft for our fantasy football league. Beth is visiting a friend who is in the hospital and I'm at home getting ready. I'm supposed to be studying and making lists and figuring out who we are going to draft. Instead I'm posting on Ravelry and writing a blog post. There is still an hour and a half. I was always one to procrastinate when I had to study.

Here's another fabulous Itineris. Thank you Susan for sharing.
Here's a few pics.  I can't believe I finished something on time!Love the colours - thanks to Kim for her helpTosh "Kelp" and Zen "Irish Hills"
What's our next project?? 
Susan did an interesting twist on the pattern. She switched the main colour and contrast colour on the extension. Love it. It really shows off the colours in the multi-coloured yarn from Zen. I wish that I had thought of it.

I must sign off and get to work.

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