Sunday, June 22, 2014

Road Trip

I promised that my shawl would be finished today. That's not going to happen. There was a road trip last night - more about that in a bit. This afternoon there was a nap and then dinner with friends. Then out to see another set of friends. The dogs are wondering if we are really home now or if we're going to leave again.

It's so close. 56 rows of the lace pattern complete. Five more lace rows then three rows of stocking stitch. Tomorrow??

It was beautiful yesterday when I got home from work so Beth and I decided to go for a road trip. 

When I was young my dad built Flamboro Downs race track. We went to work with him every Saturday. They built the barns first and we would spend time with the trainers, jockeys and horses. When the track opened we went a few times. Then when we were older we would round up a group of friends and go on a Saturday night for fun. 

Last night we made a bit longer trip to Mohawk Raceway.
We didn't win anything but we had fun. The weather was beautiful. A great night to be outdoors.

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Lois Evensen said...

The weather looks beautiful there! Yes, the shawl can wait another day. ;) I can identify.