Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Shawls

Heather finished her Auburn Wave
I absolutely love this pattern it's so versatile to wear. And the yarn was a dream to work with - tosh sock in 'crumble'. Choose which pics you want to use -- don't feel you have to use them all:)) I only had it on for a few minutes as it was way too hot to keep on longer -- but I could do many different things with it, I like that! The colour reflects the soccer team I'm cheering on -- Go Netherlands!!

Jill finished hers as well.
Just finished it an hour ago. It's not blocked yet and you won't get a picture of me wearing it because I'm painting. And my husband refuses to model it, the rat. 
If you missed it, the next KAL will be Itineris. This will run for July and August to give everyone lots of time to finish the knitting. Blocking not required to be entered into the draw. There will be prizes (I will announce those later) and the prizes are for residents of Canada. Sorry but shipping costs are too expensive to ship out of the country.
The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry. (You'd think by now my computer would know that Ravelry is a real word - it keeps telling me that I've spelt a word wrong)

Itineris (Latin for voyage) is a modern triangular wrap with a unique construction. The shawl is made up of three sections: a large triangle, a rectangular extension, and a smaller triangle to finish. The knitting will take you different routes while a graphic stripe sequence forms intersecting pathways along the side. Knit all in Garter Stitch with patterns and shaping that are easy to memorize, Itineris is a fun knit that results in a striking finished piece.
Specific yarn requirements:
700 yds/ 640 m of fingering weight yarn: 445 yds/ 407 m of MC and 255 yds/ 233 m of CC 
From reading about the finished projects, you need the full 445 yards of the main colour.
If you've finished Auburn Wave and need knitting for tonight, please go ahead and start Itineris. I don't want you to sit with nothing to do tonight while you're watching Big Brother :)

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