Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More finished shawls

My inbox was full of pictures today. I want you all to stop. :)  Every time I see another one in a yarn that I didn't use, I want it in that yarn.
Two more Auburn Waves and they are awesome. Karen and Kathy both used tosh pashmina in the colour whiskers on 4.5mm needles. I hope one or both wear them into the store so I can steal it. I love pashmina and I love whiskers.

Candice finished her shawl as well. She used tosh merino light in wellwater. 
All Done. . . And it is a beauty. It drapes so well and . . .is much larger than I thought it would be. Tip to tip span is wider than my arms stretched east west.  Now to get it back from Bun.
Thank you to our special model.
If you are working on the shawl and trying to finish by the deadline, please don't worry about blocking it in time. Just get the knitting finished and I will classify it as done.

I had lots of fun with this KAL and I hope you did too. We're going to do another one. This one will run for July and August. Some of you might have vacation plans. Or you are busy with the kids on summer vacation so there could be a bit less time for you to knit. The pattern??
Itineris (Latin for voyage) is a modern triangular wrap with a unique construction. The shawl is made up of three sections: a large triangle, a rectangular extension, and a smaller triangle to finish. The knitting will take you different routes while a graphic stripe sequence forms intersecting pathways along the side. Knit all in Garter Stitch with patterns and shaping that are easy to memorize, Itineris is a fun knit that results in a striking finished piece.
The shawl is knit in fingering weight yarn. You need 445 yards of the main colour and 255 yards of the contrast. When I read comments on Ravelry you will need the full 445 yards so please don't try to cut it short.
We have a limited number of printed copies in the store or you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.
Now to choose my yarn and colours!

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Now I want to get some more yarn and make a bigger one!