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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Auburn Wave

I just finished the fourth repeat of the eyelet pattern. I changed to a 100cm needle so that the shawl would lie better for the picture.

This is what is left on the second ball. I'm fairly sure there is enough to do the lace border.

I like my shawls really long so I'm going to add in a fifth repeat of the eyelet pattern and then start on the lace. That will definitely take me into the third skein.

Something to remember - I'm using tosh dandelion which only has 325 yards on a ball. If you are using tosh merino light or other fingering weight yarns you probably have 400 yards on the ball. You might make five repeats of the eyelet and still have enough to do the full lace.

Margaret sent an email of her finished Auburn Wave. She used Noro Silk Garden Lite. Her dog didn't want any part of the picture but the cat was game to be in the photo.

One of my major faults is that I like to plan and have everything in order. Surprises aren't a good thing in my world. We are going to Phoenix in January for the winter trade show to buy yarn. My plane ticket was booked a month ago. An email came through at 3:37 today with the hotel list. By 3:53 my hotel room was booked. Now I can relax knowing that our travel plans have been made. Well almost all of them. Where are we going to golf?

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