Monday, June 16, 2014

Another Auburn Wave

It's great opening my Inbox to find more pictures of your Auburn Wave shawls.

Valerie finished her Auburn Wave and it looks great. I met Valerie over 25 years ago when she was very young. She never wanted to knit. Didn't like knitting. Wouldn't knit. Now she has gone crazy. Not only does she knit but she dyes yarn and designs patterns. Take a look at her Ravelry page.

I used 2 and a half balls of Mini Mochi in Icewine.
Thanks for hosting the KAL - it was fun.

I've finished 14 rows of lace. It's hard to put it down. I was in the store for a few minutes this morning and picked up some yarn to make another. Okay. My mom told me not to lie. I took the yarn for two. Both are from Zen Yarn Garden. One colour in Serenity Silk and one colour in Serenity 20. I'm hoping to have one done before I go to Myrtle Beach in July. The other is to knit on the plane.
The dogs made themselves very comfortable on the couch. Yes, they do lead a very good life.

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