Friday, October 11, 2013

This and That

There hasn't been much about my life lately. There has been too many 'knitterly' things to show. And my knitting is still a secret. I'll decide on the weekend if the secret is going to be shared.

It was a happy day at my house yesterday. The mattress is gone from the living room. Roko's leg is healing and he is allowed to do the stairs again. Beth was happy because she could go back to her bedroom. I'm not sure about the dogs. I think they liked the mattress on the floor. A really, really big dog bed.

We're busy getting ready for the Woodstock Fleece Festival. There will be some overlap from what we had in Kitchener but there will be some different yarns and samples too.

After the Fleece Festival my next job is to get ready for Camp. Yes, 2014 will be here before we know it. The instructors will be Sally Melville and Kate Atherley.

Sally - I don't have enough room to write everything about Sally. She has been a fixture in the knitting community in North America for many years. Sally is one of the founding members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Guild. She has taught for me at different events over the years and is one of the most professional teachers you will ever meet. Sally has written many knitting books (both technique and for garments) including The Knitting Experience - The Knit Stitch, The Purl Stitch and Colour. Three of the best knitting books you will find on the market.

Visit Sally's website...

Kate has taught many times in the store for us and anyone who has taken a class will tell you that she is an amazing teacher. Kate has written two books, has patterns for sale on Ravelry and is teaching classes through Craftsy.

Visit Kate's website...

We are excited that these ladies will be joining us. One thing that is very important when we choose instructors is that they are outgoing and fun. Classes are important but if they can't handle the game on Thursday night then we don't invite them. If you haven't been to Camp this might not make sense to you but for those who have come, they are nodding their heads right now.

There are 6 boxes of tosh vintage on the way to us. So far 2 have arrived (1 a day) so hopefully all will be here by the end of next week.

Mr. Canada Post also brought me more Concetta Cardigan patterns today. Perfect timing - worsted weight pattern and worsted weight yarn.

A woman's seamless, top down raglan cardigan using worsted weight yarn and featuring slightly bell-shaped sleeves. Sized from 35"-55".
The pattern can also be purchased on Ravelry...

I just did an order for some new yarn from Malabrigo. These will be in the store sometime next week.

Roving, pure merino wool. For spinning or felting. Hand dyed Nube means cloud in Spanish, we call it Nube because it's malabrigo's merino.
114gram braided hanks
$17.95 each
 855 Aguas
 862 Piedras
 863 Zarzamora
 879 Candombe
247 Whales Road

Some days I really want to try my hand at spinning. And then I give my head a shake. I don't have time to knit the yarn that is already spun. But for those of you who do spin and do felting, the Nube looks really cool. I can't wait to see the colours in real life.

Jordana sent me this picture last night. The bags have been ordered and I will post when they arrive.

And a couple of notes on the TV front. I'm still loving The Blacklist. I have given up on Hostages and Ironside. They didn't hold my interest and there are enough other shows on TV for me to watch. Survivor-some people take it so personally. It's a game! And the Y&R - I watched the other day for the first time in forever. When/why/how did it come about that Paul and Cricket got married? I'm confused.

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