Wednesday, October 09, 2013


There is a new bag coming from Jordana Paige.
Make every outing a productive one when you carry Quinn. This boxy shoulder bag enables you to thoughtfully pack a large, bulky project, tools and daily purse items so you're always ready for a crafting opportunity. A zippered pocket hides beneath the flap with another at the back. Its two-way zipper opens to reveal its careful details; a row of pockets for tools, yarn pockets with circlets to prevent yarn from tangling, a removable pouch and a zippered divider to keep your project separate from purse items. Made from vegan faux leather and adorned with gold metallic hardware.
The bag will retail for $150 and should be available by the middle of November. The bag is coming in black, deep sea green, deep purple and praline.

Jordana's bags always have lots of pockets.
It looks great from the side too.


Here is a video with a demo of all the features of the bag. Take a minute to watch this. Jordana has really thought out the inside of the bag.


Julie Ann said...

This looks fabulous. Room for everything!

Anonymous said...

oh I think I need one of these - black or purple???hmmmm Lorraine