Sunday, October 13, 2013

Patterns coming soon

There are 6 new patterns from Churchmouse Yarns. We should have them in about 2 weeks (it takes time for them to get here from the US and for some reason post is taking longer than it should right now). They aren't up on Ravelry yet but should be in a few days if you can't wait for me to get the patterns.

Boyfriend Watch Cap
Knit this cozy, deeply cuffed cap for him. It’s handsome worn turned up for traditional sailor style, but we love it uncuffed and slouchy, too. Worked in a heavy worsted-weight yarn, this cap is a quick knit, which is great because you’re bound to be asked for more.

The ribbed cuff is nice and deep so you can fold it a long way up without the wrong side of the stockinette stitch crown showing. The three-part top decreases add a crisp detail. Rowan Felted Tweed Aran, with its rustic good looks and blend of wool, alpaca and viscose, knits up into a warm, cozy cap that drapes beautifully and wears well. Style and yarn combine into the perfect accessory for him or her! Bet you won’t make just one!

Colorwork Cuffs and Mittens
They say that if you keep your pulse points warm, you’ll stay warm all over. These tweedy cuffs prove that theory nicely. And you can turn the cozy quotient up or down for outdoors or in. Pick a colorwork chart, an edging, then finish as little cuffs, fingerless gloves or full mittens. Add color choice to the mix and the possibilities are infinite!

The cuffs are surprisingly warm and practical. Make a pair to peek from under your coat sleeves, grab your wellies and go for a walk! Don a pair of fingerless gloves for knitting outdoors or texting on the go. Or keep your precious knitting digits toasty and fully covered with the adorable and festive mittens!

Fir Cone Lace Shawl and Scarf
Our rectangular shawl and scarf begin with sideways sawtooth garter-stitch edgings. The length is then knitted in a classic Fir Cone eyelet pattern that’s lacy enough to look pretty and opaque enough to be cozy. Designer Becky ffitch, our lace teacher, was inspired by traditional Shetland lace patterns found in historic stitch dictionaries. We think this is the definition of romantic!
While we were knitting the traditional Shetland edgings for our wrap and scarf, it really got our creative juices flowing. Where else, we wondered, could you use this sweet little strip of knitted lace? Our pattern includes suggestions for experimenting with yarn weights to edge various garments, accessories, all sorts of things. Once you start thinking about edgings, we know you’ll see opportunities for pretty Shetland edgings everywhere you look! 

Flora's Cap
Fans of the film Cold Comfort Farm, based on Stella Gibbons’s witty 1932 novel, will recognize that this sleek, slouchy topper was inspired by the white cap worn by Flora Poste during her railway journey from London to Beershorn Halt. When Kate put this hat on for the photo shoot, she literally sighed—and cast on for her own just as soon as she could. The Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk knits up elegantly, embodying perfect cool drape that sits on your head with a pleasing weightiness. Our seed-stitch version in alpaca and silk travels well from town to country and spans the seasons neatly. 

Racing Raindrops Scarf
When Karen brought this scarf to our design team, we all agreed the little beads looked like raindrops, reminding us of the A.A. Milne poem, Waiting at the Window, that describes watching raindrops race down a windowpane. Once the scarf is on, the beads add a comforting bit of weight to the wonderfully soft drape of this lace-weight scarf. 
We offer this pattern in a second size that has the same wingspan; a slightly longer back depth adds more fullness. Once blocked, each scarf is just the right size to wear multiple ways, with long ties to knot, drape, or to pin. Both sizes have 120 sparkling raindrops! 

Seaworthy Gansey Cap
Knit in a tightly spun traditional 5-ply Guernsey yarn, this all-weather cap is handsome on men and women alike. The eight-part decrease rounds create a flat circular top, while a firm gauge keeps the gansey-textured crown band standing at attention for pillbox styling. Or you can pull it down low over your ears like a beanie when the wind comes up!
We love the tradition and history of ganseys – warm, durable, yet soft garments knit with 5-ply Guernsey wool, originally developed to protect seafarers from the cold and sea spray. Family patterns were developed from the original and handed down from generation to generation. We’ve provided two traditional gansey pattern charts here, but you can also create your own using this pattern, and share it with family and friends. Start a new tradition! 

The weekend after the Fleece Festival I'm flying to Las Vegas for some meetings with other yarn shop owners, yarn distributors and pattern designers. I've been thinking about what I want to take to knit on the plane and in the meetings. It's yarn people. Of course I can knit in the meetings.

The pattern is Edge by Laura Aylor. I need something that doesn't have a lot of counting and where I don't need to keep reading the pattern. The yarn? I have two weeks to think about that.

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