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Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving weekend. I'm heading to Burlington for dinner with Aunt Rene, Uncle Bob and their family later this afternoon. Mom and dad are in Myrtle Beach - dad's on the golf course right now. Beth is teeing off in 15 minutes. She'll miss dinner but get there in time for desert.

It's been a busy morning. Mail orders are packed. Five dozen cookies have been baked and a cake has been made. A scarf has been blocked and when I'm done my post I will start on some accounting. Or I might decide to knit.
I have been knitting on a secret project that turned into projects for the last week. Churchmouse Yarns send out an email last week about their Magic Three-Yarn Scarf and I decided to make one for the Fleece Festival. I wanted new kits that we didn't have at the Knitters' Fair. The top scarf was my first one. It looks good. It might be more of a man's scarf. A bit of colour but not crazy.
This is Beth's scarf. I picked a multi coloured yarn and then a plain wool and plain alpaca to match. The colours are way to close. Beth says it is mostly good but there is room for improvement.

This is the next scarf. I added some texture and more colour variation. And it blocked out much longer-this is wrapped twice around my friend's neck. I started playing with other colourways and decided to try it with some different yarns.
And the last one. When I started this Beth asked if I could get it knit and blocked in time. Yee of little faith. It's done with the ends sewn in. I soaked it in Yuzu Soak after taking the picture and it's lying outside right now. I will definitely be wearing this one when it gets cold out.

Some kits are made (and packed) and hopefully Mr. Canada Post will be bringing more patterns on Tuesday so that we can finish the kits. They will debut at the Fleece Festival and be in the store next week.

Mr. Roko is a bit attached to Beth today. He's upset because we won't let him play. It's so nice out that he keeps picking up a ball or trying to wrestle with Melo. We keep stopping him and he isn't happy.

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Dorota Wasilczuk said...

Beautiful scarves! Soo colorful, I like that :)