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Tuesday, October 01, 2013


I'm back in the store and Nadine is downstairs teaching beginner knitting. The TV is on and I'm watching the Leafs play as I'm writing and packing boxes. Lynda needed a new project and I picked Old Shale. It is a free pattern on Ravelry...  The project that really caught my attention was done by Mittagirl. You can see it here...   She used tosh chunky. Kim and I debated and we chose Wilted Rose.
A shawl in Wilted Rose will make a great display in the store!

Yesterday Mr. Canada Post brought me in a huge box from Offhand Designs with more Arya bags.

These are very limited edition colours - we received one of each.
Capacious carry-all with 3 compartments and endless pockets, pouches and tool slots. Room for all of your electronics, books and the central compartment pops open and stays open with a practical hexe frame closure for knitting or just seeing deep into the corners. Versatile handles offer short handles and a luxurious adjustable shoulder strap which extends to wear cross body for heavy lifting.
Yes, I talk about this bag a lot. It is amazing and I love mine.

Saturday night we watched the first episode of Hostages and watched the second one last night. I'm still undecided. I definitely like The Blacklist much better so far. Hostages seems to be dragging and I was a bit bored while it was on but The Blacklist kept me watching. No doing laundry or loading the dishwasher or cleaning the kitchen. I didn't even knit because I didn't want to miss anything. James Spader is awesome-it's almost like they wrote the show for him.


Irene said...

Not that I'm anxious or anything, but did you draw for the book yet?

Julie said...

No we haven't drawn yet. That is being done later this afternoon. Will post tonight.

Mittagirl said...

I'm so happy that you liked my Old Shale shawl. It is a wonderful pattern, and I really enjoy wearing it.