Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I mentioned a box of patterns yesterday. We now have print copies of Scalene by Carina Spencer. There is a sample in the store knit using Freia's lace weight yarn.
Scalene is an asymmetrically shaped, triangular scarf that features both horizontal and vertical keyholes for several styles of wear. This gender neutral design looks great on women and men of any age.
This 5 page pattern is written in one size with directions given for three gauges to accommodate lace - worsted weight yarns. Directions are given for knitting this scarf with or without striping throughout. Knitting is simple enough for an adventurous beginner, but interesting enough for knitters at any skill level.
If you live out of town you can buy the pattern on Ravelry...

I knit the scarf in Liberty wool from Classic Elite but currently can't find it. Hoping my ghost will return it soon.

I also did some moving around yesterday. It's time for garments to be rearranged.

The mannequin clothes have been washed but I left the shirts in the dryer over night. Now they are so wrinkled that I need to spritz them and run through the dryer again. I could iron them but realistically that isn't going to happen.

The next few days I am going to have sports on in the store. The Blue Jays season opener is tomorrow afternoon and this weekend is the Masters. I gave myself permission to start Tiny Tea Leaves so that I have easy knitting while watching.

I'm using a new colour called Volga. Why blue for a girls cardigan? It isn't a colour I normally have samples knit in so it will look good hanging in the store. I could go purple but that is so predictable. There is pink but still predictable. I like this one and it is going to look great when finished. Also, little girls can wear blue-just ask my sister. She wouldn't wear any colour but blue when she was young.

The ladies are going to arrive soon for class. Sarah is home and should be here-it will depend on how tired she is. Survivor and Idol tonight. With all the TV watching in my near future I could have Tea Leaves finished by the time I come back to work on Tuesday.

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Sally said...

"I could iron them"

Not sure what that means.
What is this 'iron' you talk about?