Sunday, February 12, 2012

Honey Cowls

It was cold in Myrtle Beach today. When I woke up this morning it was 28F and I don't think it made it to 40F. I just returned home from a quick errand and picking up dinner. The truck said 31F. I didn't pack clothes for this weather.

Sarah just emailed me a few pictures. Cathy has been busy making her gifts. Sarah and her husband are embarking on a new adventure in their life. John got a job offer in England and they decided to go. Tuesday morning their journey begins. I am sad while writing this. I'm happy that they are doing something exciting but we will miss having her smiling face around the store.

This is the second Honey Cowl that Cathy made. The two skein version in Lowlands-a new colour that I really want to use.

This is Honey Cowl number one. The one skein version, also knit in tosh DK-wellwater. After receiving this one from her mother, Sarah decided that she needed to have the longer one as well. She has a very good mother!!

[I know I should have switched the pictures around but couldn't bring myself to do it for fear of messing up the formatting.]

Sarah wrote in the email with the pictures
I love them both!!!! This yarn is soooo soft. 
I have set my cowl aside to work on Gnarled Oak. The cowl is perfect airport/plane knitting.

I bought seasons 1-4 of NCIS this afternoon. Mark Harmon-how can that be a bad thing? If I watch a taped show while knitting I need to stop and fast forward through commercials. DVDs eliminate that problem. I have lots of yarn to get through before going home (I always think I'm going to get more knitting accomplished than I actually do) so I had better get going.

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