Thursday, December 08, 2011

Tree Decorations

We've had customers in lately making some very interesting Christmas tree decorations. This got me thinking about the cute decorations on Berroco's website.
Download the patterns...

These are knit in double knitting weight yarn. You probably have some lying around the house. :)

Minutia '08
Twelve more patterns to download...

These are also knit in double knitting weight yarn like Zara, Loyal, Sportwool, Snuggly DK, Baby Bamboo, Silk Garden Lite.

If you enter Christmas tree decorations in the pattern section on Ravelry you will find 7 pages of interesting designs.

When you first go to the Pattern page on Ravelry, there is a list of the hot patterns. One mentioned is the Honey Cowl from madelinetosh. I downloaded the pattern (it is free) and have added it to my WANT pile.

Two skeins of tosh dk or merino dk. Many people have also used pashmina and vintage. The possibilities.

Knitting class last night was a lot of fun. Lynn actually brought her knitting-silly girl.

After class Beth and I flew through Survivor and the X Factor. Why does everyone who goes on Survivor say that they are going to play with honour and integrity? It never happens. Coach promised Edna early in the game that he was taking her to the end. So much for honour and integrity. The judges were much nicer on the X Factor. I guess they were told to stop bickering. They sure have a different concept of dance music than I do.

We didn't watch Revenge so I am going to watch in now. There isn't anything on tonight. Do we have to wait until after Christmas for Grey's Anatomy? It is going to be a crying episode. Poor Teddy.

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Sherri said...

Julie I saw a girl wearing this green cowl today only hers went over the shoulders and straight across the back - like a shawl almost. It was stunning. Trying to figure out how to make it - I think lots of short rows were in order.