Monday, December 26, 2011

Too Much Time

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas yesterday.

After I finished my post yesterday Beth realized that we hadn't wrapped a few presents. These were for the game at Aunt Rene's. Everyone brings a wrapped present. They are divided into boys and girls-substitute men and women if you want but at Aunt Rene's it has always been boys and girls. The girls go first-we are gentle compared to the men. The first girl takes a gift and then the next girl can take one off the floor or from the first girl. Everyone ends up with a gift. The game gets very loud. 

Back to Beth. We had the same gifts to take (I bought them) and Beth decided that they couldn't be wrapped the same. The first was nicely done. The second box was wrapped and then Beth put it into another box which was wrapped. She ended up with five boxes inside of each other all wrapped. She went through a pile of my wrapping paper-luckily she knew not to take the really good stuff. I told her the last box should all be ends. Someone had way too much time on their hands yesterday.

She was proud of her work as would any five year old who wrapped a gift like this.

Dinner was great and we had lots of fun as we always do on holidays.

This morning I was up early. Okay, early for a holiday and in Pier 1 by 10. I came home with some Christmas decorations and wrapping paper.

Then we found out a cousin was home from Montreal so off we went to visit. Two hours later we came home, let the dogs out and then off again. Costco. You're thinking we are crazy but the store was dead. I've never been able to walk right up to the cash and pay. It was quick but expensive as is every trip to Costco. There are always things you see that you didn't know you needed.  Then Best Buy. Yes, that was a bad idea. The store was jammed. We weren't there for very long and headed home. 

Unfortunately while in Costco we didn't buy butter which was necessary for making dinner so I had to run out to the grocery store. Another quiet store. 

The scarf is almost done. I think I have about 10 more rows. There will be pictures from work tomorrow.

It feels like midnight but it isn't 7 yet. Sleep could be in the near future.

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Irene said...

I love your game idea, we need to do something more fun for our family. So does everyone buy a boy gift, and a girl gift?