Friday, December 30, 2011

Current Knitting

My pashmina scarf is progressing. I decided to continue until the yarn runs out. A scarf can't be too long. :)

That was as far as I got on my blog post yesterday. The store has been crazy all week (don't take that wrong-I'm not complaining) and then we have been out every night with friends. It is the season for visiting. I was a bit wiped out by 9 last night and couldn't come up with anything to write.

I have been knitting on my poncho. I would have liked to take a picture outside but it is very, very foggy in Ancaster today.

Yes, it is a big piece of stocking stitch. Some days it is nice to have knitting that you don't have to think about. :)

I have been knitting while watching TV, sometimes with a dog in my lap. Needless to say it is covered in Roko and Melo hair. I will picking it out every time I wear it.

New Years Eve is tomorrow night which has me thinking about the past year and what next year will bring. I realized that I haven't done much knitting the past year. There haven't been any fabulous garments finished and that is going to change in January. I have lots of sweaters and jackets almost done. I'm seeing new knitwear in my near future.

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