Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Dinner #2

Tonight Beth and I had dinner with Bev and her husband David. You can't beat a Christmas dinner at the Keg. We did a bit of planning for TNNA in January. Can't wait to see Phoenix-I like going to new cities. We've booked ourselves time for shopping on Friday. Beth is going to visit the zoo on Sunday. Beth and I are definitely golfing on Tuesday and if I hurry through the show on Saturday and Sunday then we will golf on Monday as well. Wow. It sure doesn't look like a work trip right now. I better plan a few meetings so it looks like I accomplished something while away. :)

I finished the Stargazer scarf this afternoon.

If you are going to knit with the yarn I strongly suggest you take a few minutes before starting to wind the yarn on a paper towel tube or wrapping paper tube. The yarn doesn't twist and knitting is so much faster. Trust me. So much faster!

I would also suggest casting on 10 stitches instead of 12. It will make the scarf a bit longer. If you are going with 12 stitches then you might want 2 balls of yarn. I like really long scarves so I would use 2 balls if making one for myself.

There are three boxes on the way from madelinetosh. I went online this morning and two boxes have cleared customs and the third box is sitting in customs. Fingers crossed they will arrive this week.

I wasn't shocked by Sophie winning Survivor last night. She had been strong in challenges throughout the game. She is smart and speaks well. Albert wasn't going to win. Which left Coach. It was close but I think Sophie's tears at tribal council helped a bit with the jury.

Tonight is the finale of Next Iron Chef. The tosh pashmina scarf is waiting for me.

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