Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas dinner #1

The scarf is progressing slowly. It is a simple knit but I have other jobs that need to get finished. There are two patterns on the label - the one I am doing with 12 stitches and the other is to knit the scarf lengthwise - I think it is cast on 125 stitches. When I'm done this one I think I will try that with another colour. I need a scarf for my chiropractor. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute. :)

Beth started wrapping Christmas presents last night as I was working on the scarf. The yarn kept twisting on me and I was getting frustrated. I was getting slowed down and I don't have time to waste. Beth being the smart ass that she is took my yarn and started wrapping it on the tube from wrapping paper. It doesn't twist anymore but it's a bit hard to carry around. :)

We cut the yarn after she finished the long tube and used a paper towel tube for the rest of the yarn.

Tonight we are having dinner with Jane and her family. The first Christmas dinner of the season. This year is going to be fun with the addition of two little ones.

The next week is going to be crazy. Dinner on Monday, Tuesday, dad's Christmas party on Wednesday and dinner on Friday.

We had a great time with Jane and her family last night. It was the first time we met her grand children. They are both adorable.

These are my gift from Jane. They will be framed for my bedroom in Myrtle Beach.

Elizabeth Bradley Lilac

Elizabeth Bradley Hydrangea.

They are amazing!!

I took the pictures quickly so that I could get them put away before they became covered in dog hair.

I can't wait for Survivor tonight. Hopefully Ozzie will get back in the game. I wasn't rooting for Ozzie earlier in the game but I think his return will shake things up.

Now it's football and knitting time!

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Lois Evensen said...

That's a really cool looking scarf. Wonderful color, too.