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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Check out Rowan's website

Mr. Canada Post brought in lots of boxes today.

Two of the three madelinetosh boxes came. The missing box had most of the tosh merino light but we did get four colours of tosh dk, five colours of tosh merino and four colours of tosh merino light.

We also received a box from Blue Sky Alpacas and Spud and Chloe that included three new colours of Spud and Chloe Sweater and three new colours of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk. These aren't online yet so I am going to try and get you pictures.

Here is the Spud and Chloe

7523 Lilac
7524 Chocolate Milk

This is a heathered brown tone. I took the pictures quickly and could have/should have done a better job.
7525 Manatee

This is a heathered grey tone. 

Sorry no pictures of the Alpaca Silk. There was a lot of Christmas shopping happening in the store today. 

It is many hours since I started my post. Dinner with my parents and their friends was great. Lots of laughs!

I quickly checked out Ravelry and in one of the Rowan groups they were talking about previews to Rowan Magazine 51. There are pictures on Rowan's website. If they are up for the public to view I'm taking it that I can put some pictures here.
Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 51 sees key shapes which reflect a new confidence emerging within the wearer.  The designs have been created for ease of movement and casual freedom giving a relaxed, summery vibe.  The fun element is injected with a return to the retro resort styles where pattern and colour explode.  The season is mainly understated, where nothing is outrageous.  Rowan is promoting two stories Artisan and Riviera to reflect these trends.  Essentials is the showcase for the key shapes of the season but translated into more simplified, easy to wear styles that will compliment the season's essential looks.
I had my post laid out nicely and then the pictures messed up. If I centre them everything works. This takes up more room than necessary and looks silly but at least the post is readable.
Knit this vibrant cropped style cardigan, with embroidery detail and a stylish pattern throught for an perfect Summer pullover. This pattern is for experienced knitters.
Brandon Mably
Project Type:
Project Subject:
 Knit this wonderful textured tunic, with bobble stitch detail and long sleeve for those slightly cooler summer days. This pattern is ideal for the intermediate knitters.
Martin Storey
Project Type:
Project Subject:
Here is the link to Rowan's website so you can take a look at the whole magazine

I only knit a few rows on the pashmina scarf last night. We started watching a new trivia show called Who's Still Standing. The contestants are a bit annoying but Beth and I had fun trying to get the answer before the other person did. Small problem. You have to watch the TV to read the clues. Makes it a bit hard to knit.

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Candice said...

Oh, isn't it nice to see sweaters coming in that have a bit of forgiveness for the less than perfect female form? The Winter edition of Vogue Knitting 2011-2012 shows similar designs. I am happy.