Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Water's Edge

It's before 9 and I am at work. Roko had an early appointment at the vets this morning. For the last week he has been having problems standing after lying down for a while. Beth took him on Monday and they checked him out. The vet could move his hind legs around without him crying or flinching. Roko is a big baby so if he was in pain we would know. They think he might have arthritis but they are doing x-rays this morning to check and make sure it isn't anything else. We moved the footstool from the TV room to beside Beth's bed to make it easier for him to get into bed at night. Of course the dogs sleep in bed. Where else would they sleep?

I took this picture last night. They were lying side by side and it was really cute. Roko heard me turn on my phone and open the camera app. In true Roko fashion he had a small freak out.

Water's Edge is the garment that first caught my eye in Coastal Knits.

A top-down cardigan with a well-placed pleat that flatters the waist. Short row shaping at the hem gives creates a slight curve, mimicking the shape of a shore line. With elbow-length sleeves, this a cardigan for all seasons!
Very cute. Finished measurements
Chest circumference: 34 (37½, 41¼, 44¾, 48½)[52, 55½, 59¼, 62¾]" / 86.5 (95.5, 104.5, 114, 123)[132, 141, 150.5, 159.5] cm
Length: 20¾ (21½, 22¾, 23½, 24¾) [25½, 26¾, 27½, 28¾]" / 52.5 (55, 57.5, 60, 63)[65, 68, 70, 73]
Shown in size 34" / 86.5cm; to be worn with 0–2" / 0–5cm positive ease.
Again the suggested yarn is double knitting weight. Yay! More tosh merino dk!! I currently have four orders with madelinetosh. Hurry!!

Still no knitting. Last night I had my nails done and then came home to write a newsletter. It was a tough chore-everything to tell has been written in a blog post. I try not to duplicate but it is impossible not to. I am almost done and hopefully it will be going out tomorrow.

It is much later in the day and I am getting back to my post. Mr. Canada Post came in with a box from Prism-more Saki. Then Mr. Canpar came in with a huge box of a brand new yarn. Manos Artasanas.
Wonderful fancy, whimsical all natural hand line from Argentina. There are no other yarns like these!
Florcitas is an artisan-made yarn. Little coloured flowers are attached to a thick and thin 100% wool yarn. The combinations are endless...
This is a free cowl pattern that you can download.

There were many other cool yarns in the box.

This is the Big Warm Cowl in Copitos. Two skeins of thick and thin wool on 20mm needles.
Download the pattern...

Dancing Queen-totally cool. I love the little flowers. The colours are brighter in person.
Dancing Queen is an artisan yarn, with a thick and thin texture, with high mohair content and a beautiful sheen. It is embellished with tiny mohair hand-felted flowers.

This hat pattern didn't arrive with the yarn-I'm hoping to have it early next week.

Beth called and Roko is home. Nothing showed up in his x-rays. The vet said it could have a bit to do with his weight. The dog is now on diet dog food. I don't think he will notice. He just loves food. :)

It's home time. Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather today.


Unknown said...

Water's Edge totally called to me too & Tosh is perfect!!

Bobbin' with Terrie said...

Where can we find these to buy on the website?

Julie said...

The book isn't on the website yet. We will put it up when it arrives.