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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Rustling Leaves

I was not in a good mood when I went to bed last night. Those darn Phillies. They couldn't score two runs for Roy. Seriously bitter that with all that talent they are out of the playoffs already. I really want Roy to get a World Series ring.

The evening between work and the baseball game was good. We had dinner with John, his three girls and Lynda. The girls are three of the four that came to Myrtle Beach with us last summer. Plans are underway for next July.

I finished another scarf in Prism Stuff. The scarf is knit lengthwise-I wanted the colours to run in long stripes, not thin thick stripes.

The store samples we had were knit on 7mm needles. I tried less stitches and 10mm needles. I think I like the looser knit better. You can make a great Christmas present in an evening.

Prism is the exclusive manufacturer of "Stuff" yarns--30-40 individually hand dyed, color and gauge coordinated yarns that are tied together end to end by hand. When knit, the yarns change from one to another in varying lengths.

You can wear the scarf with jeans and a turtle neck or with a little black dress.

There is a huge colour range and now I want to wind a skein and knit another one! I'm not a shiny person but the glitter in Stuff grabs my attention. It isn't garish. Just pretty.

So far I have only shown the cardigans from Coastal Knits. Here is a hat-Rustling Leaves.
Rustling Leaves is the perfect fall accessory. Knit from the bottom up, this beret features beautiful elongated leaves that slant in different directions as if they were rustling in the wind.
Finished Measurements
Brim circumference: approx 20" / 51cm after blocking
Diameter: approx 10" / 25cm across after blocking
approx 175 yds / 160m of fingering weight wool or wool blend yarn.
Alternate Yarn: Malabrigo Sock or Madelinetosh Tosh Sock.
This is beautiful. I really wish I could wear a hat. My head is way too big and my hair sticks out funny under a hat.

Who knew that we would be wearing shorts and t-shirts for Thanksgiving weekend? I hope everyone enjoys theirs and has some family time. I don't know if there will be a blog post tomorrow. Dinner at Aunt Rene's!!!

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Lois Evensen said...

I just love that hat. :))