Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I was very tired today. There were weird dreams last night. In the first one I was back in high school. I couldn't remember where my locker was and when I finally found it I couldn't remember the combination of my lock. In the next one I was in university. I couldn't find my schedule and didn't know what days my classes were and what building they were in. There was a lot of aimless wandering around. Why in the world am I dreaming about school?

Here is my Estelle Elegance scarf-almost done. With all the TV to be watched tonight I am sure that it will be finished when I come to work tomorrow.  What is on tonight? Next Iron Chef. Survivor. Recipe to Riches. Revenge. And don't forget the baseball game.
The tufts look great. I'm surprised that the picture turned out. It is cold, rainy and dreary outside. I am sorry that I asked for cooler weather last week. Since then the weather has been terrible. Cooler is okay but the sun can come out.

There is still quite a bit of yarn left. The length of the scarf is going to be great!

I am almost finished packing for the show. Beth keeps reminding me that I have a smaller booth which means take less stuff. It's like packing for a vacation. You want to make sure you have enough clothes, shoes and knitting for any and every situation.

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