Monday, October 17, 2011

New Patterns

I did a bit of knitting last night while watching The Amazing Race and X Factor. I thought it was time to get a store sample knit in Estelle Elegance. Thinking I was a smart person I took it outside to get a picture. Unfortunately the wind is blowing, really blowing.

I wanted a close up to show the tufts of fur (which really isn't fur).

The scarf will be nice and long when done. This isn't a full ball yet.

Back to The Amazing Race. I have picked my team-Andy and Tommy-the pro snowboarders. They are pleasant to everyone. Never fight. Love all challenges. They seem like really nice guys. Being a fan of the Indianapolis Colts I am also rooting for Amani and Marcus who also seem to be really nice people.

The X Factor last night did not have a satisfactory ending. We have to wait until Tuesday night to see who goes on.

Boxes are starting to pile up in the store. I think that my decision has been made about what we are taking. But that can change. :)

As I was closing Beth came in with a box that she picked up at the post office for me. It was patterns from the US.

I'm excited about Little red in the city. The size range of the patterns is great. From petite to plus sizes. Also, inside the book is a secret code. You can use this code to download a digital copy of the book so you have a coffee table book as well as all the patterns on your iPad or computer.
Part pattern collection, part resource book Ysolda shares all of her tips for creating successful sweaters that perfectly fit your body.
See the designs and read more about the book on Ysolda's website.

I had hoped that Book 3 would be in the box but it was back ordered so I will get it with my next shipment.

We have copies of Every Last Yard again. I will be making kits tomorrow for The Woodstock Fleece Festival.

And one more piece of news. I talked to madelinetosh today and they are going to start dying an order of tosh merino light for me this week.
-composition book grey
-well water

Gotta run. There are some mail orders that I need to get done so I can drop them off at the post office on my way to work in the morning.

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