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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mom did good today

Mom and dad are in Myrtle Beach right now. They took some pictures of our house and mom asked last night how to email them. I told her and this afternoon they showed up in Beth's in box. Very exciting. Some days my mom and her computer don't get along but today they were in sync. She didn't realize she could send to both of us at once but we made huge steps today so I'm not complaining. :)

Above the pantry there was this huge empty space. I knew we needed something but I didn't want plants. We put mom and dad on the look out for pottery. Here is their first purchase. They have a lot of work to do to fill this space and then the space above the kitchen cabinets.
Beth wanted gnomes for the gardens. My dad's contribution. He is very proud of them.
This is our back porch. It was screened in but when it rained it would get wet. We didn't want to put in good furniture and have it ruined. Also, it can get really hot in Myrtle Beach in the summer and some days you can't sit outside. For Christmas mom and dad had it finished for us. The windows open so we can have a nice breeze. Mom sent an email letting us know that they are having the door repainted because she doesn't like it beige.

The porch from outside. We also have a new deck up top. The boards in the old deck were rotting. This meant more water in the screened in porch. It would come through the ceiling.
From the upstairs room, which is now Beth's bedroom, onto the deck.

Three Graces-a new book by Louisa Harding.

From Louisa Harding
Taking my inspiration from Ruben’s painting of the ‘Three Graces’ (1500 -1505) I have used the three Louisa Harding Grace yarns, Grace, Grace Hand Dyed and Grace Hand Beaded combined in one design publication, the yarns working beautifully knitted in garments and accessories to enhance each other, LHB114 – Three Graces.

Grace Hand Beaded
Using the base of ‘Grace’, 50% silk, 50% Merino, manufactured in Italy, I have worked with a specialist yarn embellishment producer in Turkey. Beads are hand threaded onto a fine yarn and then spun together with Grace to create this exclusive beaded yarn, with each hank being hand crafted and unique.
31% Silk
31% Merino
30% Glass Beads
8% Polyester

Double Knitting weight (22 stitches =4" on 4mm needles)

68m in a 50gram skein

See all the shades
While I am writing I can see the yarn out of the corner of my eye. The beads are very shiny and pretty.

I finished Kidnapped last night. Not sure that I am going to tell everyone to go out and watch it but it kept me entertained for a few nights and my knitting has progressed.

Survivor-what the heck was Ozzy thinking? Asking everyone to send him to Redemption Island to keep the team strong. I think that is a huge mistake. We will see next Wednesday.

We also squeezed in Tuesday night's X Factor. Wow. The judges were very harsh on a few competitors. The mentor chose their song for them. Just tell them that you would have picked a different song but they did a good job. If I were Simon's girls that went home I think I would have been in tears from the judges comments. Most of the people that I wanted to continue on made it. I think that Rachel Crow is so cute. I'm glad they are keeping her looking like a 13 year old girl and not trying to make her look older. I also want Josh and LeRoy to do well. Can you believe that LeRoy is 60? If you told me he was 50 I would call you a liar.

The rearranging in the store is going well-it's almost done. I just need my dad to spend a bit of time with me in the store so that we can hang some mannequins.

It's going to be a quiet night for me and the dogs. Beth has a meeting so we are going to watch some TV and knit. The scarf is looking good!

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