Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I still can't believe how beautiful the weather is. The dogs do not want to be in the house. Speaking of dogs, Roko is starting to be himself. He takes medicine every morning and so far it appears to be working. He likes the diet dog food and diet cookies. Like I said, as long as he is getting food he is happy.

This afternoon we are off to dinner at Aunt Rene's. It is a great day with family and friends. Tomorrow Beth and I are heading out to The Balls Falls Conservation Area for their annual Thanksgiving Weekend Craft Show. With this weather it is going to be busy. Hopefully I can get Beth out of bed and on the road early!

We recently received an email from Tanis (Tanis Fiber Arts) and Tanis is going to stop making kits for yarn shops. They are very labour intensive and she is going to focus on dying yarn and coming up with new patterns. We still have a few kits left for her Four Seasons Hat.
Each kit contains a quality colour copy of the pattern and enough of my Blue Label yarn to knit one hat. The pattern contains all four season's charts, and all colourways have enough yarn for any of the patterns. Like the Spring pattern, but want to knit it in the Autumn colourway? No problem! Select the Autumn colourway and have fun!
Autumn-3 kits
Summer-3 kits
Spring-1 kit
Winter-3 kits
Later this month we will be receiving a new pattern from Tanis along with lots of her Purple Label Cashmere (sock) yarn. Tanis is waiting for the base yarn to arrive and when she gets the yarn it will be dyed and mailed to us.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you will be enjoying time today or tomorrow with loved ones.

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Lois Evensen said...

The yarns and hats are lovely. Ah, yes, time for cold weather, hats, scarves.... ;) A knitters heavenly time of the year.