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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Delivery Day

I finished the Elegance scarf last night but didn't get a picture today. I wanted to get the ends sewn in but that didn't happen until it was time to go home. By that time it is dark outside and pictures don't look good. I will try tomorrow. If not then next week. Speaking of Elegance, I am taking some to Woodstock.

We had good deliveries today.

Mr. Canpar brought two boxes. One had Frill Seeker in it and the other had Knitter's Pride needles-individual needles and more interchangeable sets.

Mr. Canada Post brought in a box from the US with
Coastal Knits. There are copies in the store as well as copies packed for The Fleece Festival.

Mr. UPS came with a box from Rowan with the Kidsilk Haze Stripe that I have been waiting for rather impatiently. Also in the box was Kidsilk Creation. I didn't think we were going to have this for a few more weeks. I have left some of each yarn in the store and the rest is coming to the show.
Kidsilk Creation is a limited edition yarn.  A net, tubular construction made from the best selling yarn Kidsilk Haze which is 70% super kid silk Mohair and 30% silk.
The colours have been selected from the favourite shades of Kidsilk Haze cream, dewberry, trance, candy girl, jelly and smoke. Using a special technique one 50g hank will knit or crochet our Free Project 
The scarf pattern is on the ball band of the yarn. There are two videos that show you how to knit or crochet the scarf.

I think you will need to be registered on Rowan's website to watch the video.

I've watched the video and it doesn't look hard to knit the scarf. If you have made any of the frill scarves then you can make this. I'm going to sign off now so that I can get the scarf started.


Sherri said...

I'm back home :-)

Did Mr. Canada Post bring my shawl kits yet?

Wish I was going to Woodstock but a tumble down the stairs gave me a bruised tailbone. After driving to and from Halifax in 7 days, I'm quite frankly not capable of a drive to Woodstock.

Hope you have a great show!

Julie said...


Sorry they haven't arrived yet. Should be a few more weeks.

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!