Monday, May 30, 2011

Untangling a mess

I got a little carried away knitting yesterday.  I kept thinking that I needed to post but I just couldn't put the needles down.

I am going to send these pictures to Jacqueline at Soak.  Here is another use for Phil.  Phil was sitting outside because I had washed a sweater and he was wet.  I didn't want to put him back under my sink so I left him outside.  With all the rain he has been wet for weeks.  Beth was throwing a ball to Melo the other night and it landed in Phil.  Melo thought it was great fun and wanted Beth to do it again.  Yesterday Beth set Phil in the middle of the yard and the dogs played.

Melo with his soccer ball.

Roko with two tennis balls.  He wants both in his mouth at once.  Getting his picture was tricky because he hates the sound of a camera.

Here is a picture of the shawl so far.  I tried taking a picture outside but the pattern didn't show up.  There is still glare in the house but the pattern shows.

I have a small big problem right now.  While winding the first skein of yarn I was walking around the store and helping customers.  All was going well for half the skein and then I dropped it on the floor.  Can you say mess?  I set the yarn aside and wound the second skein.  Now I need the first skein so when I am done writing my job will be to untangle the skein.  Wish me well.  I have no patience.


Anonymous said...

Do you have artificial turf in your backyard? The grass looks a little too perfect!

Irene said...

Good Luck with your untangling.

Sally said...

Oh, how you need me to untangle ! ! ! !

My specialty! Remember the customer friend of mine that bought the Wild Stuff?

Call if you need me :-)

Julie said...

We do have artificial grass in the back yard. It is amazing. No dirty dog paws in the house.

Julie said...

Sally-thanks for the offer. I got it untangled myself in record time. Not sure why I was worried. :)

Wannietta said...

The shawl is looking awesome Julie!! And while I have little patience for much else I will untangle and worry a knot with the patience of Job. Just in case Sally is busy ;)