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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Travel Day

I'm sitting in the airport and boarding should begin in about 15 minutes. This is my first time flying from the airport in Niagara Falls, NY. Very small. You can park right in front of the terminal for $5 a day or further away for free. There are 4 gates. No place to buy a magazine but there is a snack bar. Not a restaurant. :)

I got to the border early thinking I could spend an hour at the Outlet Mall. The mall is less than 5 minutes from here. The best laid plans. The Customs Officer pulled the two cars in front of me in and I knew things weren't going to be good. Where was I going? Myrtle Beach. Why? To visit my parents. They live there? Part of the year. How long have they been there? Three weeks. Shouldn't they be home now? Don't they spend the winter in the south and summer in Canada? No. What are bringing that you will be leaving with them? Two money orders. That did it. He wanted blood! I went inside and while sitting there (for over half an hour) I saw lots. A young couple who were denied entry because he had been charged with first degree murder. A guy who used to be in a bike gang. Then a man in handcuffs. Let me out!! Finally they called my name and told me he was wrong to pull me in. I didn't have cash so I was okay. Seriously.

I started this yesterday afternoon and haven't sat down long enough to finish it. I arrived safely and have been running. I will attempt another post with pictures later tonight.

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