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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


My job today is getting the store back in order.  When we unloaded yesterday we opened the door and brought in the boxes but nothing was unpacked.  I have my work cut out for me.  While I am unpacking things are being moved around.  This has to be done by tomorrow afternoon because I am leaving for Myrtle Beach on Thursday.

Just after I started my post Mr. Canada Post came through the door with 9 huge boxes.

The 7 boxes of madelinetosh along with a box of Spud & Chloe and a box of Kauni.

I jumped between emptying boxes of new yarn and unpacking from the Frolic. The store is almost in order. Okay, it is a mess.

There is a lot of tosh in the store.

Some yarns are living in the front room for now until I can really move yarns around.

The box on the left is dk and the box on the right is merino light.

A box of pashmina.

There are many baskets on the floor as well with six more to be moved tomorrow-merino and vintage.

I am trying to decide what I want to take away with me. I'm not sure why I think there will be time to knit. Dad will keep me busy.

Tonight is dinner out for a friend's birthday.  When I get home my job will be getting the new yarns on the website.  I am deciding what to wear but I know there will be a turtleneck involved.  It is seriously cold out.

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