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Friday, May 13, 2011

Rock Island has been started

Yesterday I wrote a post and didn't hit Publish because I was going to add another picture of my knitting.  Bad mistake.  Blogger went down and it just came back up.  My post is gone so I am going to try again.

It was time to get going on my Rock Island Shawl.  I was supposed to start on May 1 but life got in the way.  I rolled my ball of Shepherd Sock yesterday morning and cast on.

You start by casting on 12 stitches for the Lace Edging. There are 8 rows to the chart and it is worked 71 times.

There is one small thing to watch on the chart.  I probably wouldn't have noticed it but Sue told me to be careful.  On a right side row and wrong side row the same symbol is used but it means different things-ssk on one row and k2tog on the other.  I have gone through the chart and circled all the ssk symbols to make life easier.

Here is one pattern repeat done.  My border looks heavier than the picture.  Jared made the shawl in lace weight and I am using sock yarn for a bigger shawl.

And then later in the day this was the picture I took.  Six repeats done. 

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