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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Knitter's Fair

I received my booth confirmation for the Knitter's Fair this week.  We will be in the same location as last year-Marshall Hall 1, 2 and 3.

Mark your calendar for Saturday September 10, 2011-Bingemans in Kitchener.  For more information visit the KW Knitter's Guild website.  I know it is only May but calendars fill up quickly.  Don't let anyone plan a wedding or birthday party for that day.  :)

In knitting class last night Sarah and Lynn decided that they are making matching cardigans to wear in the booth.

The Tea Leaves cardigan from madelinetosh

Sarah is using tosh vintage in composition book grey.
Lynn is using tosh merino in curiosity.

It is interesting that both are using purple shades.  They decided that we are all going to wear purple so I will have to start thinking about what sweater I want and what Wannietta is going to wear.  Thank goodness Wannietta likes purple.  :)

I'm signing off to watch last night's Idol before I find out who is going home.  A Triana Lux scarf is going to be started.


neferatowen said...

Sadly I already have a wedding that day. Knitter's Fair was on my calendar but being the maid of honour I can't really get out of it :P

Julie said...

Can you sneak away for a few hours? No one at the Fair will care if you are dressed better than us. :)

Heather said...

My Tea Leaves is in Tosh DK Duchess, also purple. Maybe I should wear mine to the Knitters Fair too?

Julie said...

Please wear it!! We will try to convince you to stand at the front of the booth and model it when you need a break from walking around. :)

neferatowen said...

hehe, I'll see if I can get a little lost between the church and the reception :D