Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Everybody Loves Raymond

It is 8:02 on Monday night (less than an hour since I did my post) and I am starting my post for tomorrow.  My tangled mess has been rolled into a ball.  All of a sudden things started going smoothly and it took no time at all.  Don't know what I was worried about.

Beth can't get enough of the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond. She can watch an episode that she has seen many times before and laugh like crazy at it. Why am I bringing this up you ask. I set a box in the laundry room with cans and papers for the recycling bin last week. Beth goes into the garage twice a day to get dog food and I thought she would take it out with her. No. The box then moved to the floor when I did laundry. It became a standoff to see who would cave and take that darn box into the garage first.  It reminded me of the episode with Ray's suitcase.  He went golfing in Myrtle Beach which didn't make Deborah happy.  In their house there are three steps going up to a small landing and then they turn 90 degrees to go up the rest of the stairs.  Ray's suitcase sat on the landing for weeks while they had a standoff to see who would take it up the rest of the stairs.  I can't remember who caved first on the show but it was me who caved last night and took that darn box into the garage.  Beth was very proud of herself!!

I'm at work on Tuesday morning with no internet connection.  We lived many years without the internet but now that we have it we can't live without it.  Thankfully I brought my cell phone cord today (normally it stays at home).  I can set up a personal hotspot with my phone so that my computer is connected.

Here is Rock Island.  All knitting is done and tonight I will be blocking.  I am happy with the shawl right now and I think when it is blocked it will be outstanding.

Mr. Canpar just came with a HUGE box of Frillseeker Precious Metal.  I need to find somewhere to put it all.

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