Friday, May 27, 2011


I was having a good evening watching the hockey and baseball and working on Rock Island.  There is a row and half left on the chart and then I am onto the garter stitch.  I will take a picture tomorrow.  I remembered that I hadn't finished my post so I grabbed my lap top.  I hit something and erased part of what I wrote earlier today.  Beth is asking me questions while I am trying to remember what I erased.  I want to scream.  Okay, hissy fit is over and now I am going to finish.

There is nothing worse that working on the button band of a cardigan and the pattern says to put in x number of buttonholes evenly spaced across the row.  If it is a free pattern I can give the designer a pass but if I paid for it then I expect them to do this for me.  However, sometimes they do give you the numbers and it just doesn't work out.  A customer had this problem last week and the more we worked on it the further we got from the designers numbers.  I can sit down with a paper and pencil to figure it out but there has to be an easier way.  Today I bought it for my iPhone.

ButtonWizard can be found in the app store.  You plug in your numbers and hit Calc.  You will then see

No more paper, pen, calculator and pulling your hair out.

I have no affiliation with the company and I don't get anything for showing this.  It's here because I think it is a great app that will make your life easier.

If you are in Ancaster tomorrow morning remember that Cupcake Diner will be on Wilson Street.  I want her to sell lots of cupcakes so she will keep Wilson Street in her rotation.

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