Monday, May 09, 2011

Back at home

I'm home again after a fairly uneventful travel day.  When I got home I laid down for a nap which lasted about 4 hours.  I guess I was a bit tired. My morning started at 6:30. I needed to dry the towels I used last night. I didn't think leaving wet towels in my parents house when they won't be back for at least a month wouldn't be a good idea.

Then I had to run to my house (it belongs to Beth and I but writing that every time is going to get long and cumbersome) to check on something for my dad.  This is from the driveway at 7am this morning.

I was at the airport in plenty of time but the weather was nice so I caught a few more rays.  When I went through security they saw something in my suitcase they didn't like.  I asked if it was all the keys I had.  No.  It was something else.

They opened up my bag and pulled out the dryer balls that I bought. The knitting needles weren't questioned.

From Bed, Bath and Beyond (you might have seen them advertised on TV).
Save money and energy when you use Dryer Balls with your laundry. Tumbling in the dryer, the Dryer Balls lift and separate laundry allowing efficient airflow and cutting your drying time. Their soft tips massage fabrics giving you softer and fluffier clothes without using chemicals found in fabric softeners and dryer sheets. They also significantly reduce lines and wrinkles. And Dryer Balls last for years so you can use them over and over.
All the people working security (men and women) came to look at them and wanted to read how they worked.  I always thought that plastic wouldn't show up in the screening but it does.

I finished a Log Cabin square last night (finally we are back to knitting content) but the picture I took this morning wasn't good. Here is the next square I started and worked on at the airport.

I was sad last night that The Globetrotters didn't win the Amazing Race.  They were my pick from the start.  It was the first finale where I liked all the teams and wasn't rooting against someone.

It's time to get back to work. This week's job is to get class confirmations for Knitting Camp emailed out.

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helena said...

you can make your own dryer balls with felted wool! much more eco-friendly and also WOOL! :)