Friday, February 04, 2011

Not enough time

I am rushing to get parcels packed so that I can grab a few hours sleep before heading to the airport.

Cathy met me in the store this morning and we washed the floors.  The day was crazy from there.  I wanted to get out all the Debbie Bliss yarns and most of them have found new homes.  Sarah and Cathy are going to be surprised when they see what I did.

I started a project last night but didn't get a picture.  It is a new pattern from Classic Elite for Liberty.  I am using the same colours as the tam on the left.

With the purchase of the yarn we will give you the link to the pattern on Classic Elite's website.

There are two new colours in the store.

Purple in both-how can that be a bad thing? Thank you Classic Elite.

A scarf pattern is also available.

I used Liberty for both of my Aldred scarves.  It is a great yarn to knit with.  The colour changes are addictive-you can't put down your knitting because you want to see what is coming next.

While doing a Rowan order this afternoon I went to their website to look up a colour number.  Here is a great poster for the new yarn Savannah.  It hasn't arrived in the store yet.  I will know on Monday when we should be expecting it.

I need to sign off now and get my suitcase packed. The clothes are in along with one (yes that says one and only one) pair of shoes but I need to get my makeup, etc packed.

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