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Friday, April 23, 2010


Back at work but boy am I tired.

The hockey last night was phenomenal.  Triple overtime-can't beat that.  After the game we watched Survivor.  Parvati giving her idols to Sandra and Jerri was very unexpected-didn't see it coming.  It looks like Russell is really ticked.

Speaking of ticks (nice segue that I didn't plan on), while we were watching Survivor, Beth found a tick on Melo.  It is now 12:30 and what do we do?  Beth called the emergency vets to see what their suggestions were.  They said to use rubbing alcohol and remove the tick.  Yeah, like we have rubbing alcohol in our house.  Google-where is the nearest 24 hour drug store?  Off Beth went to get rubbing alcohol.  She didn't think of tweezers or cotton balls though.  We poured the alcohol on a paper towel and put on the tick.  Did nothing so we just poured some on Melo.  I then got my good tweezers from the bathroom.  That damn tick wouldn't budge.  Google-how do you remove a tick?  Keep pulling gently until it comes off but make sure you get the head.  If not then there could be infection or worse.  That little beast finally came off (head and all) and after a few cookies Melo didn't know that anything was wrong.  It is now 1:30 and I was finally off to bed.

The knitting on my cardigan is coming along.  I have 88 rows done on the first front.  Luckily the rows are getting shorter (from both ends) so the progress looks like it is going quickly.  I have my iPhone beside me ticking off rows on the Vogue knitting app.  If the only thing you use the app for is the row counter then it is worth the $3.99.  I have three counters going and life is good.

Yesterday afternoon another shipment arrived from Tanis.  This is the Baby Shane Blanket kit.

Very, very cute.

Eight colours of Tanis' yellow label dk weight 100% superwash merino.
From Tanis-
The Baby Shane Blanket was designed to really show off a wide variety of my tonal colourways. The blanket is knit in one piece with only one seam to sew at the end.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Poor Melo - great blanket!

natural fibre girl said...

Ticks can be tricky to remove. You can try a touch of vaseline on the butt end. Or lite a match, blow it out and touch the hot ember to the tick butt. Either way the tick will start to pull out as you are affecting its breathing end:) As the tick starts to pull out it's tweezer time. Pull carefully, slowly and you might have to apply a few hot matches in order to encourage the tick to keep moving. Hoping that Melo stays still long enough to complete the operation. Our dogs have had a tick attack and this worked for us.

Julie said...

Thanks for the tips. I will remember this for next time. :) Melo just stood there not realizing that anything was wrong.