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Friday, April 30, 2010

Not too early to think about fall

In the middle of my packing for the Frolic the UPS man came with a huge box from Berroco.  The new colours of Berroco Blackstone Tweed are here.  Not sure where I am going to put all the bags but will worry about that tomorrow.

These were the first two colours on the top of the box.  Wow.

A true navy and a dark green.  Berroco did a great job filling in the colours that were missing last winter.

At the bottom of the box was the best colour of all. A very dark purple.  Totally my colour-as if I picked it.  I will be using this to knit Jared Flood's Dryad.  Unfortunately I can't start tonight because I must finish my Soft Linen cardigan.  Last night I got to row 60 and the front is 230 rows long.

Another pattern suggestion is Celsian.
Celsian’s full skirt is gathered to a fitted bodice which has been knit cuff to cuff. The subtle textural stitch was borrowed from Norah’s men’s sweater Feldspar.
I looked at this cardigan when the pattern first came out and thought about it in the browns and beiges.  Using the new colours would make an amazing cardigan.  I'm thinking navy and dark green or navy and teal.  Now I have thought about it more and the new purple and last years lime would be great as well.

Survivor last night was great.  I was very happy to see Amanda go-wasn't a big fan.

My computer is telling me that it is time to be plugged in.  The yarn on the table it telling me that I need to make up kits.  I guess that means it is time to sign off.  Have a great Friday night.  The weather here today is sunny and warm-definitely sitting on a patio weather.

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