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Monday, April 12, 2010

I love nail polish

Today was spent doing a lot of work for Beth.  I wrote a newsletter for her, formatted two more newsletters, took her lunch and helped set something up on her computer.  After all the Beth time I decided that it was time for me so I had a pedicure.

I have a small collection of OPI-it's the colours.  Just like collecting yarn because you like the colour.  Today I bought Dim Sum Plum from the new Hong Kong Collection.  From OPI's website they call it 'a berry delectable delicacy.'

So far it is just on my toes but next week it will be on my fingers as well.

The weekend was spent knitting and watching golf.  I am almost done the back of my cardigan.  Very glad that Mickelson won.  His family is going through a rough time (his wife and mom have cancer).  

The Amazing Race was good last night.  Happy that my cowboys are still racing.  The women did not take it very well when they received the U-Turn.  It's a game-get over it.  

Celebrity Apprentice is taped and we are heading upstairs to watch it.  More knitting :)


Shirley said...

Have you seen the Hungry Zombie Couture blog at On Mondays she ususally talks about the nail polishes she has tried.

Julie said...

I haven't read that blog but will take a look at it.