Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Churchmouse Patterns have arrived!!

I am now on the third version of this post.  I write something, then erase it and start again.  Nothing interests me so it definitely won't interest you.  

Somehow yesterday got away from me.  Before I knew it the clock said 12:30 and I needed to get to sleep.

Many of my friends visited yesterday-UPS, FedEx and Canada Post.  Two boxes from Rowan including some magazines, Colourscape Chunky, Calmer and Fine Milk Cotton. Two huge boxes of Cascade 220 and Cascade 220 Heathers that included colours we were out of and some colours that we haven't had before.  A box of Dyed Cotton and Multi Cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas.  A very small but important box from Seattle-the Churchmouse patterns.

After work I ran and had my nails done.  Somehow I broke a nail Monday night.  I am not happy with nine pretty nails and one very ugly nail.  Beth suggested a bandaid on the bad finger-like that is going to make it look better.

When I got home Beth needed a handout made for her sales meeting.  The Mac works like a charm for making pretty handouts.

There are no pictures of my knitting-who wants to see a large piece of stocking stitch-but I have been working on my Drapey Front Cardigan in Soft Linen from Classic Elite.  I have finally reached the armholes which is a big deal because the armholes start at 23".  The yarn is very nice to work with.  It feels very soft-I know why the model has the cardigan wrapped around herself and has a big smile on her face!!

Another friend just visited-Canada Post-bringing me more of the Knit Kit.

It is a month until the Knitter's Frolic.  I am starting to sweat.  There is a lot to get ready-okay, I need to figure out what I am taking first.  After I work that I out I need to make sure I have enough of everything.  Some yarns and accessories come from the US and if I wait too long to order then they won't make it in time.  Lorna's Laces and Prism has been ordered.  What else do I need??

We are having dinner with Beth's sales reps tonight so I better wrap this up because there will be no time tonight to add more.

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