Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who is Mary Jane?

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will recognize this pattern. It is from Fiber Trends FT-463 knit out of Stella (100% Bamboo from Naturally) double strand on 5mm needles. If you want to start knitting lace this is a great project. The pattern could be one of the best written patterns I have ever worked from. I am showing you this today because I dug mine out of the closet and have it on.

Beth got mom's ebook reader set up last night and there was only one glitch. She asked us to buy The President's Wife by Sittleman. We tried numerous sites and couldn't find the book. I called her and asked what was up so she went and actually looked up the name. The American Wife by Sittenfeld. She was close. Apparently she has joined a book club in Myrtle Beach. I didn't know that you actually read books for book club. Thought it was sitting around and gabbing-kind of like some nights at knitting class.

I tape the Y&R every day but don't usually get time to watch it. Over the past couple of nights I have been trying to catch up. There are a couple of story lines that don't interest me so I fast forward through them. I really wanted to watch and find out who Mary Jane is-the info said that Paul was going to figure it out. Last night Beth came and sat down with me. As soon as she saw Mary Jane she was screaming "It's a man. Look at how big her hands are-they cover her whole face. Look at her ankles. It's a man." Now we had to find out so we fast forwarded through three episodes just to find Paul again but they haven't gone back to that story. Please, please Y&R, give us some more Paul trying to figure out who she is.

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Irene said...

I don't watch Y&R very regularliy, but now I have to just to find out. Do you teach your students to knit and watch, I need to learn this.